What are the best songs to run/workout to?!

Question: What are the best songs to run/workout to.?
i know people say whatever you like, but what in your mind are the best songs to run/workout to.?
give me like a top 10-20.
thanksHealth Question & Answer

Stronger : kanye west
Until the day I die: story of the year
The song in rocky I don't know the name haha
The anthem: pit bull ft. Lil john
Gotta work: amerie
Suzie: boy kill boy
American boy: estelle
Pain: 3 days grace
Love is gone: david guetta
Just dance: lady gaga
Live your life: rihanna and t-pain
I hate everything about you: 3 days grace
Those are just some I like to work out toHealth Question & Answer

This is a top twenty generated by my Itunes Genius, all the songs have a fast tempo and are decent to listen to as well.

Rise Against- Tip the scales
Lostprophets- everyday combat
Billy Talent- Prisoner of Today
Funeral for a Friend- All the Rage
All that Remains- Not Alone
Senses Fail- Martini Kiss
AFI- Affliction
Rise Against- The Approaching Curve
As I lay Dying-Elegy
AlexisonFire- Pulmonary Archery
Avenged Sevenfold- Darkness Surrounding
Coheed & Cambria- Ten Speed ( of God's Blood and Burial)
Children of Bodom- Ba$t@rd's of Bodom
Slipknot- No Life
Lostprophets- The New Transmission
Billy Talent- Voices of Violence
All That Remains- This Calling
Rise Against- Blood to Bleed
Senses Fail- Sick or Sane ( Ten for Twenty)
Bullet for my Valentine- Cries in Vain
Avenged Sevenfold- The Wicked EndHealth Question & Answer

Bill Conti Lyrics Gonna Fly Now
Survivor Lyrics Eye Of The Tiger
Bill Conti Lyrics Going The Distance
James Brown Lyrics Living In America
Bill Conti Lyrics Redemption
Bill Conti Lyrics Conquest
Survivor Lyrics Burning Heart
Bill Conti Lyrics Alone In the Ring
Bill Conti Lyrics Overture
Bill Conti Lyrics Mickey
John Cafferty Lyrics Hearts On Fire
Bill Conti Lyrics Rocky's Reward
Bill Conti Lyrics Adrian
John Tepper Lyrics No Easy Way Out
Bill Conti Lyrics Fanfare For Rocky
Three 6 Mafia Lyrics It's A Fight
Bill Conti (remix by John X) Lyrics Gonna Fly Now (Remix)Health Question & Answer

Children of Bodom by Children of Bodom
Punish My Heaven by Dark TranquilityHealth Question & Answer

rap music and fast paced...like lil wayne or young jeezyHealth Question & Answer

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