Is chewing sugar free gum a good way to loose weight and eat less?!

Question: Is chewing sugar free gum a good way to loose weight and eat less.?
I chew gum like 5 hours a day, it's all sugar free so yeah, i have it often and will it prevent me from eating lots and could it help me loose weightHealth Question & Answer

I can't remember where I heard it, but I'm pretty sure that chewing gum will just make you MORE hungry, especially if you're prone to cravings. Basically, the digestion process starts the moment you put food in your mouth, so when you're chewing gum, your stomach's like, "Okay...why isn't there any food coming down here.?"

If you're trying to overcome cravings, my best advice would be to cut processed foods (basically, anything that comes pre-packaged--chips, lunch meat, cookies, etc) out of your diet.

They're loaded with sugar and salt, both of which make you crave more of the same junk food. Drink water and try to eat small meals every 2-3 hours. Eating often helps jumpstart your metabolism AND it'll help keep you from having cravings.

So, depending on your gender/current weight/activity level, figure out what caloric range you should be in for weight loss (usually between 1200-1700 cals) and spread them out over five or six 200-300 calorie mini-meals.

Good luck. :)Health Question & Answer

Here's some information that sugar free manufacturers don't want you know-sugar-free alternatives are derived FROM SUGAR so after X amount of pieces (which if you chew gum for 5 hours a day you are easily consuming); it's no longer working as a sugar-free substitute and your body is ingesting sugar which is turning into fat which is adding to your total caloric intake. You need to find herbal gum or just carry around natural toothpaste and listerine mouthwash.

The only true artificial sweeteners that I know of are Stevia and Truvia (sp.?) which are derived from leaves similar to tea.Health Question & Answer

I don't think chewing gum makes you full b/c it usually makes me hungrier
I think its cuz ur chewing something and ur stomach thinks something will come down but its only saliva so ur basically tricking ur stomach

Thts my idea haha but if it works for you do itHealth Question & Answer


But chewing gum will keep you busy from usual addictions such as food or smoking. The best way to eat less is dedication, the best way to lose weight is to eat less.Health Question & Answer

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