Whats the healthy wight?!

Question: Whats the healthy wight.?
im 29 years old 6.5 foot and wight 220

whats the healthy wight for me.?

thanksHealth Question & Answer

According to BMI your maximum for a healthy weight would be 210 lbs

http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/Health Question & Answer

There is no specific "correct" healthy weight for any weight, height or age. Make sure to consult with your doctor to see your heart rate levels and cholesterol levels. The most important thing is to be healthy. Eat in moderation, and don't completely rule out those ever-so-delightful sweets. If you feel good about yourself and emanate positivity, you will definitely shine to those around you.Health Question & Answer

it depends on your build as well. Keep in mind that muscles weigh more than fat, but by looking at charts for a small framed male you would be a tad overweight. If you're really worried about it then consult a dietitian or your doctorHealth Question & Answer

I'd say add 5-10lbs for your height!Health Question & Answer

learn to spellHealth Question & Answer

ur bmi is 26 which is slightly above averageHealth Question & Answer

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