What types of foods can help me gain weight?!

Question: What types of foods can help me gain weight.?
Im 16 year old male. 6" or 180cm, and weigh 135pounds or 60kg. I really want to gain about 5 pounds during this christmas break.
any suggestions.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

You are an ectomorph(naturally skinny) and it is very hard to gain weight for you but it is possible. You need to eat CONSTANTLY, 5-6 meals a day, meals not small meals. But they need to be healthy, ie Protein such as Tuna is great
Green Vegetables
and Carbs are the most important thing for an ectomorph to put on weight
If you are a weightlifter taking protein shakes 3 times a day morning, post workout and nighttime will help you to gain weight quickly. And doing weights will help you make sure that all the food you are eating is not 100% fat, stay away from junk food as it will just be fat and im sure you do not want thatHealth Question & Answer

Peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread.
Great big bean burritos with sour cream and cheese.
Anything with a lot of calories.
A pound is about 3500 calories. Just eat 5x3500 calories over your calorie needs during the next few weeks. The most calorie-dense foods are fats/oils. The proteins and carbs (equal.) So anything with a lot of fats will take your calorie intake up and help you gain weight.

Try a fatty cheeseburger with a milkshake and fries. Yummy and fattening. Polish it off with a donut or two. Dang. This is making me hungry.Health Question & Answer

Cinnabon, lol. Yes, that would work. As well as cheesecake. Anything similar to Cinnabon and cheesecake will stack the weight. Healthier things that put on the weight are things like potatoes. Things heavy in carbs and starch. Bread also works. Things like that.Health Question & Answer


I would go to eat fast food for a while and possibly drink a lot of soda...lol

But maybe if you want good advice then go see a nutritionist for that..and why would you want to gain weight.?....I like being slim cause my cloths fit even better now that I lost so much weight...I went form a
13 to a 5 and I feel great!! and hopefully I can be a 3 really soon :)Health Question & Answer

chips and candy and donuts cookies and cakesHealth Question & Answer

potatoes with sour cream and butter
chips with cheese sauceHealth Question & Answer

cinnabon at close to 750 cals per bon. Eat like 10 of those and hello, They are yummerz tooHealth Question & Answer

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