Healthy weight? Could someone assess me personally...?!

Question: Healthy weight.? Could someone assess me personally....?
My weight falls into the BMI healthy range, but that doesn't mean it's my healthy weight (i know people whose doctors told them their right weights were out of the range). I don't know what my weight should be, i'm worried.

Can anyone advice me what (roughly) i should weigh based on my details, and clear up my other fears.? Thanks very much.

- Age 14, BMI 19.2.
Back (under bust) = 28.5
Around bust = 32.75
Waist = 22
Hips (widest) = 34.25/5

- When my body began changing aged 12/13 (i got small boobs, my waist & shoulders narrowed, my hips, butt, legs widened) i started diets.

- Been on diets nearly 3 years. My body hasn't altered since i was 12, except it's got thinner (lost about 2 stone or 13kg overall). Have i slowed down my development by diets.?

- My periods stop when i get below about 51kg (8 stone).

Thanks very much if you can solve my worries. =DHealth Question & Answer

another factor to answer ur question properly would be ur hight. if your periods are stopping thats a bad sign that your body is under ur bmi OR u r over working ur body with exercize. my suggestion is to not worry about your weight and worry more about building a healthy diet lifestyle like eating fruits and veggies getting plenty of water.... and regular exercize. as far as the shape of ur body.. look at a barbie doll. the hips are bigger then the waist ... u actually are real close to my measurements and i do modeling for a living so i know ur ok.. just be healthy and it will set u up for a life time . besides that , at your age your body is going to change a few more times. its good to see your intuned with it enough to have noticedHealth Question & Answer

You're bmi is healthy ,
You're healthy overall, no need for a diet.
You're lucky, cherish it, don't wreak it.
Goodluck hun.Health Question & Answer

i think u can afford to put on some weight and increase ur bmi to 22Health Question & Answer

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