Why does sugary food cause such a humoungous crash afterwards?!

Question: Why does sugary food cause such a humoungous crash afterwards.?
Yesterday my mother brought home some cookies from her works christmas party and i had two. I felt okay at first, but then a while later i got very very tired and just wanted to sleep, but after about 30 mins i was okay again.

why does sugary foods cause such a bad crash.?Health Question & Answer

The alleged mechanism for it would be that the rapid rise in blood glucose normally leads to brisk insulin secretion, which in turn leads to rapid glucose uptake by tissues (which then either accumulate it as glycogen or use it for energy production); the consequent fall in blood glucose is indicated as the reason for the "sugar crash".Health Question & Answer

My allergist recently told me that many people are candida sensitive. Sugar and carbs feed candida albicans (yeast). Many people crave sugar for this reason as the yeast overgrowth is out of control. I have suspected for years that I am allergic to sugar, milk, yeast, and corn because I crave them. He confirmed this and told me why that is. When we consume an allergen, our bodies react by swelling up. When we swell, endorphins are released to help ease the pain created by the swelling. The endorphins then create a calm in us, and we instinctively seek that food again when we are feeling stressed. Hope this helps Gabe! For ideas on how to end the sugar cycle, cgheck out "iknowthecause.com" or try to get a fluconazole rx from your doctor.Health Question & Answer

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