Who Likes Acai Vitamins?!

Question: Who Likes Acai Vitamins.?
Does anyone have an opinion on Acai vitamins.? I found a good deal on Acai Burn, but I'm curious about other Acai vitamins.? Yay or nay.?

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Do it! Do it!

You will be amazed at how much better you feel. I have asthma and it really helps a lot. So much I don't have to use my inhaler anymore.Health Question & Answer

if you do buy this ACAI, don't buy it over the internet. there is no information, no fine print, nothing to indicate that they will start auto drafting your credit card account.INFACT, They make it impossible for you to cancel because they no longer have a reachable email and their phone stays busy constantly during the business hours only.
if you do buy Acai, get it in a health food store, the pills are only made up of white tea, Acai is; wild mustard (written with a homeopathic name; Oleracea) and Proprietary Root blend with is great for a lot of things, but you can get Proprietary root blend for a few dollars.
i bought this product and it is just another rip off. i mean for you can buy these ingredients anywhere and you probably have a few times already. the guy who said it helped his asthma, wow, well i didn't know those ingredients had that affect. perhaps someone should alert the FDA about this new Asthma cure.
but all in all, you can buy a really tasty Acai drink in Publix grocery store. About the only thing i noticed with the Acai was a stomach ache and some diarrhea.Health Question & Answer

waste of money -with a well balanced diet, there is no need for the vitamins.Health Question & Answer

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