My bmi is 22.28 what does it mean ?!

Question: My bmi is 22.28 what does it mean .?
When you divide your weight in kg by your height in metres squared you get a number known as your Body Mass Index or BMI. A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered as 'normal' for an adult. However BMI takes no account of gender, age, muscle mass or frame size.

also BMI is NOT a measure of your body fat percentage. BMI and body fat percentage are two separate matters.Health Question & Answer

A Body Mass Index of 24.9 is supposed to be optimal, anything below that is considered inappropriate and undernourished. Guess you need to put on some more weight, but if your BMI goes above 25 you will be considered overweight. Being underweight is better than being obese. So relax and just enjoy life.Health Question & Answer

Check out this website. It gives you the information you are looking for!Health Question & Answer

That means you have 22.28% body fat. If you are a female that is semi-ok but if you're a guy it should only be around 15%Health Question & Answer

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