Can I flatten my stomach in one month?!

Question: Can I flatten my stomach in one month.?
I'm not overweight my any means! But my stomach is large in comparison to my chicken legs (and I feel like I look goofy). I have trip in a month, and I want to flatten my stomach fast! Any tips.?Health Question & Answer

Yes you can. Quit drinking soda pop, even diet soda pop. Start Drinking water. For Breakfast, eat a bowl of Special K, Cheerios, or Oatmeal Crisp Cereal. For Lunch, make a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, using mustard or fat free mayo. For dinner, eat some type of lean meat, a can of vegetables, and some apple sauce. Between meals, if you get hungry, drink water, or eat some dry cereal.Health Question & Answer

I know this works, because I have been doing it and have started losing weight.Health Question & Answer

DO 20 proper situps every night and morning,
also try to cut back on fatty foods

Situps are very easy to do improperly. It doesn't matter how high you get but make sure your stomach muscles are doing the pulling and not the momentum from swinging your head.Health Question & Answer

Sit ups
Push ups

Hope it helped=]Health Question & Answer

u may go 4 liposuctionHealth Question & Answer

situps, pushups, and pullups everyday. sounds simple, but its very effective. good luck!Health Question & Answer

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