How do you lose weight with no will power?!

Question: How do you lose weight with no will power.?
i was 120 lbs in high school and it was a healthy weight for me (i'm 5'2") i was never tiny at all but it was a good weight
but without field hockey and soccer, and with ibs and recently a broken ankle i've gone up to 164 and i feel gross...and i'm getting married in 13 months - i've gotta start dress fittings in like 5-6 months
i know i'll probably never be 120 again but how can i get back to a healthy weight when healthy food makes my stomach hurt - or screws up my "going" if i don't eat every 2 hours or so it hurts...and with the ankle running biking etc. are out & i don't have access to a pool....
what the heck am i supposed to do.?Health Question & Answer

It's not impossible. I would go see a dietitian and have him or her put you on a diet. Tell them about the problems you have with healthy foods. It could be something they can help you with. Walk as your exercise. Start out with 10 min a day. Talk to a doctor about any other exercise you could do. Find low impact or yoga. I joined Weight Watchers and was able to lose 50 pounds, and at first I didn't have any will power. I had to find a real reason to lose the weight. Find a reason to lose the weight that you can remember that will help you in your moments of weakness. Once you start losing the weight, your will power will increase. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

can you try a digestion slowing medication like imodium after eating high fiber foods.?

if not, try bananas, peeled fruits and vegetables, and protein drinks, i guess - and if you can join a gym try doing mostly stuff focused around your midsection like crunches or the power plate. good luck =)

ohh you could also try pilates. it's really low-key and good for toning.Health Question & Answer

It's impossible, sorry. Just eat right and exercise. Why have Americans gotten so lazy.?!Health Question & Answer

amphetamines, gastric bypass, stomach stapling. for the weak and pathetic people.Health Question & Answer

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