Does adding extra water to protein powder mix decrease the grams of protein being consumed?!

Question: Does adding extra water to protein powder mix decrease the grams of protein being consumed.?
Does adding extra water to protein powder decrease the grams of protein being consumed.?
I just recently bought some whey protein and it says to add one leveled off scoop of the protein powder mix to 6-8 ounces of water.
I have the blender bottle which is 20 ounces; if i put one scoop (26g of protein) in with the 20 ounces of water...will i still be getting the same amount of protein as if i had used 6-8 ounces of water.?Health Question & Answer

It will not decrease the amount of protein. Mix as much water as you want, you'll be OK. For even more protein, use milk. A cup of milk gives you 8 grams of high-quality protein.Health Question & Answer

yes. they just suggest 6-8 ounces but it really doesnt matter just as long as you drink it all. it usually takes more than they suggest to mix it up evenly so its not in clumps. Personally I use low fat or fat free milk to mix my protein in. It tastes more like chocolate milk than chocolate water and you get extra protein from the milk as well.Health Question & Answer

no, reducing the grams of protein you put in the drink reduces the grams of protein. The protein won't magically disappear when you put more water in. As long as you're still drinking the whole shake, you're still ingesting all of the protein.Health Question & Answer

Yes, you just have to drink the whole 20 oz. to get your full full 26g of protein. The consistency will be more watery. I like mine as thick as a milkshake but thats just a personal preferance.Health Question & Answer

trainerHealth Question & Answer

This is the dumbest question ever.

That is like saying if I put 5 carrots in a swimming pool of water will I still get 5 carrots.

DUMB DUMB DUMB.Health Question & Answer

No, the amount won't decrease. But you'll have a lot more to drinkHealth Question & Answer

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