Help Fast weight loss needed!! Thanks?!

Question: Help Fast weight loss needed!! Thanks.?
Now I have a very special party to go to on the 17 April 2009 and I want to wear this really nice dress shirt which I brought on impluse and didn't have time to try it on. So I got it home and it is a little tight around the waist and I really need to lose I'm guessing 2-4kg.? by 17 to fit does anyone have any tips about how I can lose weight fast but reasonablly safe as well. also please don;t tell me to try things on before I buy I know that it was an impluse buy it was $80 down from $150.00 Thanks so much for all the answersHealth Question & Answer

I can give you a daily routine that worked for me.

Wake up a little earlier than usual. Spend fifteen minutes in bed listening to music and stretching - it's actually very uplifting, and it will give you enough strength to get out of bed happy.
Take a shower if you'd like. It's helpful as well. Use fresh scents in the shower like mint or lemon to fill up your senses (especially if you're not a morning person.)
Later, boil some water and squirt fresh lime or lemon juice in your cup. This is sort of a detox without actually detoxing. It's invigorating and cleanses your body of mucus and such. Have plain oatmeal for breakfast, with as much brown sugar as you'd like, or try some Special K instead. Vanilla Almond is delicious. With it, have half of a grapefruit and some water or V8 to drink.

The rest is kind of tricky if you work early hours or go to school. Usually after breakfast I take a thirty minute jog or walk. You can take as long as you want, but please make it above fifteen. This boosts a sluggish metabolism and it's really the easiest and best exercise you can do for yourself. Try this everyday or every other day - but whenever you have some free time.

Then get on with your day. If you feel a little hungry have a smoothie or a V8. Yogurt, baked crackers, lemon, grapefruit, apples and almonds are all fantastic snacks. Anything is good, really, as long as it's low in fat, carbs or calories.

As for lunch, make yourself a light sandwich. Tomatoes, lettuce, turkey, avocado and maybe even some mayonnaise or cheese is very filling and usually what I like to eat. You can use white bread if you'd like, it really doesn't matter. Have a V8, a smoothie or something else you enjoy drinking. For the next two weeks, stay away from coffee, sodas (even diet) and fruit juice like Fruitopia and such. Make your own juice if you can. If not, just buy something organic and natural.

Have a small snack if you're still a tad hungry.

For dinner, have what you'd like, but keep the portions small and the food light. Cod, sweet potato, chicken breast are very good for dinner. Have a small glass of wine if you'd like to. Salad is a must - I usually like cucumbers, lettuce, lots of vinegar and some pepper - but you can pick and choose. Vinegars and liquid dressings are the best choice. Stay away from anything creamy like ranch or thousand island dressings.

Some small exercises to do between meals are hullahooping, jumping jacks, jump rope or dancing. Sounds childish, I know, but they're actually wondrous and can help to tone your hips a little. They're fun, easy and you hardly even need to spend that much money. Sit ups and cardio are also very handy, but don't go overboard. You can do all of these while watching your favorite television show.

End your day with a nice cup of hot green tea, and maybe that last half of grapefruit, too.

You don't have to follow this strictly, and I know this is a little long but thank you for your patience and I hope that blouse will fit you perfectly by the seventeenth.

Additionally, some of the weight you might be carrying can be just water weight. I heard on The John Tesh Radio Show that you should drink half your body weight in ounces.

Say that you weigh one hundred and sixty pounds.
160 divided by two is 80. Therefore, you would have to drink eighty ounces of water a day. Get it.? This was so absurd at first to me but it actually made a difference. Plus, the weight stays off.Health Question & Answer

Random television shows, general knowledge, some magazines...but mostly experience.Health Question & Answer

Cut out all junk food, fast food, sweets & all things made from white flour. This is what makes us fat & leaves us hungry for more.

Eat fruits, veggies, chicken, fish, brown rice & salads (salad dressing should be olive oil w/ vinegar).
Make your own fruit juices. Do not drink the ones from the grocery store. They have too much sugar. Plus fresh fruit juices are better & healthier. (has calorie counter, fitness tracker, exercise videos etc). Count your calorie intake. Try to not go over 1200 a day. After you lose the weight you want; you can have 1500-1800 cal a day.

Put your mind to do this. Keep busy. Exercise.
Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
Drink grn tea 3xs a day.
Take a multi-vitamin daily.
Pray daily for self-control.Health Question & Answer


Eat veggies.
Avoid potatoes.
Avoid butter.
Avoid Oil.
Avoid ground beef/steaks/pork & fried chicken.
Avoid Fried stuff.
Avoid cheese and dairy.
Avoid sweets, sugars & desserts (unless sugar free jello/popsicle)
Avoid breads (unless very low calorie breads)

Eat for filling foods, baby carrots, grapes, apples, fiber foods, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, air popped popcorn, onions & pickles.
Eat tuna, turkey and low fat roast beef.

Eat small meals with snacks in between them
If you wanna lose before the 17th, you should eat around 1300 calories/day, I eat around 1100... and exercise if you wanna speed up the process.

Good luck, that shirt will be big on you in no time..Health Question & Answer

Losing around 2 - 4kgs in 2 weeks.?
That should be okay.
Cut down on fatty foods and snacks.
Drink water before meals, it cleans out your stomach and makes you full with much less food.
Pee and poo often. =]
Do a little exercise, maybe walk around the block for 30 minutes everyday.
Or something.. like that.Health Question & Answer

Aside from those mentioned above by other answerer, try to go to the Gym and have some exercises, probably, aerobics. I'm sure it would really help! Goodluck...Health Question & Answer

Me=)Health Question & Answer

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