Some good workouts for a 14 year old?!

Question: Some good workouts for a 14 year old.?
What are some good workouts for getting up my arm muscles and abs.?
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Push-Ups or Pull-Ups [ARMS]
& Crunches or Sit-Ups [ABS]Health Question & Answer

The simplest thing you can do is a workout consisting of pullups, pushups, and crunches. Of course, you won't get very muscular unless you also gain weight.

If you have access to weights, do squats, overhead presses, bench presses, deadlifts and pullups/rows.

I'd advise you to stop concentrating on your arms and abs, and work on your back, legs, and shoulders. In order to develop strength in those areas, your arms and abs will have to get a lot of work. Then, you'll have real strength, and not just the appearance of strength.

Just think, at your age, if you add 5 pounds of quality muscle mass every year, by the time you're 20, you'll be 30 pounds heavier, all of it muscle. Don't take shortcuts; develop real strength which comes from the shoulders, back and legs.

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if u could have told ur height and weight it could had been of greater help.

IF u r a fat guy then shed those extra pounds through cardio and then opt for weight training.
if u r a beginner as most people are so at ur age then go for push-ups, pull-ups,sit ups and squats for at least thrice a week for 4 weeks . these exercise will train ur body to build strength for weight training.Health Question & Answer

Try something exciting like Aerobics or some dance or swimming . You are too young to go gyming and doing weights... and you would be doing that some yrs down the line anway... Why get into that boring routine when you have other options.?Health Question & Answer

The same as above.Health Question & Answer

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