Is this diet dangerous or safe?!

Question: Is this diet dangerous or safe.?
I plan on eating MAINLY these things:

home made vegetable soup

occasionally bread (in sandwiches) or noodles

only water.Health Question & Answer

You need more protein than that. Otherwise you're going to lose muscle before you lose fat. Just don't starve yourself. Your body needs about 700 calories a day just to carry out basic functions (brain activity and keeping your internal organs, including your heart, functioning properly). If you eat less than about 1200 calories, your body is going to go into starvation mode and store everything you eat as fat and then you won't lose any weight (you may actually gain weight).Health Question & Answer

Well home made vegetable soup is good and healthy. Fruits, well you have to limit yourself, especially when on a diet because fruits do have sugar. Bread, as long as it's wheat bread and for noodles well i heard it's not good to have when on a diet because it tends to stick to your stomach. Water is basically good to have, or grapefruit juice. But if you really want to loss weight just go to a health clinic, I went to one and it was called Joyce weightloss and health clinic and with the pills I ended up lossing 23 lbs in just a mnth. I really didn't exercise but in what i work in i tend to move alot so that was my exercise. I ate healthy, i had my carbs here and there but not so much, calcium, and proteins. I avoided anything that has sugar and to loss 23pounds in a mnth, now thats amazing. The pills are called PHENTERMINE and some people say that there dangerous but if you take them the right way there not. So as long as you eat healthy and exercise, you loss the weight or you can go to a weight loss clinic and drop the weight quick like i did with the pills.Health Question & Answer

Actually, you don't need to diet in fact in order to lose weight, the sole diet that definitely showed results for me was green tea, it can be seen in the resource box below, they have a limited number of free trials in stock, it was reported in Fox News and USA Today. I lost 25 pounds, it definitely does produce success!Health Question & Answer

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Diets are dangerous in some way.....Make sure you have enough cereals, calcium meats etc.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

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