Gaining weight, could anyone help me?!

Question: Gaining weight, could anyone help me.?
I'm a guy. I'm somewhere near 5' 6"
I'm 17 and i'm not underweight or anything. but i look skinny.
what should i do.?
work out.? for how long.?Health Question & Answer

Do not worry about "how long" you need to workout for. As long as you workout it will take however long you need to take.
If you are actually trying to gain some weight, get bigger and stronger, then you are going to have to follow a strict diet plan that requires A LOT of disclipline. I have had two different occasions this past year where I have tried to gain weight. Each providing me fantastic results. A year ago I was 160, now I am 200. I have not gotten any fatter, just stronger. If you are interested in the workouts you'll have to do, and what your diet should be, then just email me, I'll be glad to help.

keir42@comcast.netHealth Question & Answer

weight lifting, 1 hr.
protein/weight gainer shakes
peanut butter and banana sandwiches
nuts(cashew, peanuts, almonds)
whole grain/wheat
whole milk, ice cream, yogurt
Ensure Plus shakes
baked beans
homemade chiliHealth Question & Answer

I ate all this when I was trying to gain weight backHealth Question & Answer

I would suggest some weight lifting training for examle. It will help you to gain muscles and as we know they are quite have so you will gain weight.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

Eat some fatty and healthy foods but work on your upper body by doing certain exercisesHealth Question & Answer

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