Aghh...i found out im overwieght?!

Question: Aghh...i found out im overwieght.?
What can I do I am overweight and yes I have medically checked this.Health Question & Answer

Well I am 13 and I am underweight - I wish I could be fatter.
Try and move around more, like if you are watching tv or something move your legs around a bit!
I weigh 6.1 stone and I eat loads so I don't know how that works...

also don't eat because you are bored or something try to eat at mealtimes aswel.

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

First thing is to make sure your view of this is healthy.
It is not about fat or skinny.
It is about fit or unfit.

Start out small, set yourself a goal by the end of the week, and the end of the month.
Start a simple routine, maybe jogging for 10 minutes a day and 10 pushups and situps (just as a basic routine, obviously you can change it around for your own lifestyle). Don't overdo it because you want it to be something you can enjoy as well.
Eventually you will find changes in yourself that you will like, and that should be enough motivation to keep you going.Health Question & Answer

you need to cut out all the crap in your diet
limit yourself to like one individual chocolate bar or one individual packet of crisps per day.
then yu need to have a balanced and consistend diet. you need to eat fresh fruit and low fat stuff
you need to exercise regularly too.
once you've lost the weight you can't think now i'll go back to how i was, you need to stick with this for life so that you don't become overweight again :)

good luck :)Health Question & Answer

Your best bet is to start eating right and get active. Once you do, you will find that you not only lose weight, but you look and feel better.

Go for a diet heavy on the fruits and vegetables. And get active. You don't have to work out, but get out of the house and do thing. Dance, jog, run, walk, cycle, whatever gets your heart beating fast.

What you do now can have consequences that last for years to come - and can affect you even into your later stages of life (older than your parents even)! Do a little research on healthy diet and exercise. The more you know, the easier it is to make decisions that will help you.

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Well for a start a 13 year old isn't supposed to be 7 stone (depending on your height.)

Im 9 stone and im 14 (i only turned 14 two months ago)

Its absolutely fine, if you measure your BMI, it will tell you that you are a healthy weight.

So don't worry its natural to put on weight during your teens and most people would say that 7 stone for a 13 year old is underweight (but it all depends on your height)Health Question & Answer

Do not worry that you are fat. I am fat and i do not take any notice of what doctor's tell me. I am JUST 14 and have always been fat. I figured out that it is not what the doctors say but what you think. If you are happy with your weight then don't le it bother you. But if you are unhappy with yourself then do something about it. Doctors are just basing weight problems on the average weight. people are all diffrent. I have figured out that i am never going to be slim but it helpls me to think about the things that i like about myself.Health Question & Answer

Most people are considered overweight, but that doesn't always mean fat. The whole body mass index was thought up in the 1800s as a measure of society and social physics. It doesn't have anything to do with body fat.

Are you happy with the way you look.? It seems like you didn't even know you were overweight before now, so who cares what some almost 200 year old Belgium guy thought you should weigh.?Health Question & Answer

diet and exercise is the way forward. I used to be a size 18/20 and now i am a size 4-6 and it was all down to changing my eating habits and exercising. It can be done. Thank your stars you are only overweight and not obese. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

You don't look overweight and i can tell you that for sure. Eat more fruit and let's see if we can take a longer walking route to school.Health Question & Answer

So lose weight...

Exercise, eat healthy food, don't skip any meals. That includes breakfast!!Health Question & Answer


Eat HealthyHealth Question & Answer

Eat HealthyHealth Question & Answer

get out and move around and eat lessHealth Question & Answer

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