Athletic Development means Lesser Breasts !?!

Question: Athletic Development means Lesser Breasts !.?
Is this the reason why female bodybuilders and fitness competitors have virtually no breasts left but only muscle or have fake breasts.?
Can a woman gifted with large (and well shaped) breasts start to lose them if starts serious bodybuilding workouts.?
Or is it Diet.?
Or is it Steroids.? :O
Any other sports giving similar/the same problem/s.?Health Question & Answer

They have VERY low body fat and considering breasts are mostly composed of fatty tissue they lean out like the rest of the body.Health Question & Answer

Muscle is about as attractive on females and breasts are attractive on males. If you want to work out you won't lose your breasts, but if you want to be a body builder, unless you bust is well endowed you'll end up with nothing. Diet has a moderate involvement in muscle development, but no diet will save your breasts should you decide to get buff. Steroids will of course bring that worst-case-scenario to fruition.

Athletic development is fine and poses little to no threat to your cup size. You can be athletic and be in gymnastics for instance. Muscular development is something else entirely, and since breasts are mainly fat, and muscle replaces fat, you'll end up with next-to-nothing.

Be aware that sports bras are also deceiving and make as little visible as possible and actually conceal cup size by flattening breasts to the chest, so pay attention to whatever your example is wearing.

If you do get all Schwarzenegger, fake breasts are even more unsightly than the muscle beneath them. But that's just me...Health Question & Answer

Self.Health Question & Answer

It can be any number of things if they are using steroids or hormones. Normally it is because they devolop the pectorial muscles underneath the breasts which will become more prominent and make it look like the breasts are smaller or just not there.Health Question & Answer

Masectomy. There big breasts would probably make the muscls below seem smaller. Having a little muscle is fine but muscle like the body builders on tv is really really disgusting and freakish.Health Question & Answer

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