Dieting Women miss/lose Breast Size !?!

Question: Dieting Women miss/lose Breast Size !.?
Do in the Diet Mania - in the Striving to have Slim Waists , Thin Arms and Slender Legs the Women (or worse "still developing" Girls) Miss/Lose their Breast Size (Potential) !.?
Honestly I would easier accept slightly plump woman with full-size breasts than a slender one with very little breats (fake breasts doesn't count)!
Girls , Boys - hit me with your viewpoint!Health Question & Answer

Look, i don't mean to sound rude but it's not really about what YOU want. It's about how a woman wants her body to look.
I prefer to be slim with smaller little breasts because if i do put on weight, i put it only on my stomach, leaving me with skinny legs, arms and still small boobs just with a giant stomach.
Believe me, if i put weight on in other places, i would be very happy being plump
not all of us ladies are lucky enough to have the "hourglass proportions"!Health Question & Answer

i dont diet and stuff but when soccer season would start up i was working out 3 times a day and i started loosing some weight and i lost a little in my breasts so i think its all about how you carry your weight as to if dieting will cause your breasts to shrink...Health Question & Answer

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