Is 5'7" 150 lbs considered fat for a female?!

Question: Is 5'7" 150 lbs considered fat for a female.?
Does being fat depend on how obvious it looks or is that just too big.Health Question & Answer

Generally speaking, 150lb is a perfectly normal weight for a 5ft7 female. But fatness is a matter of body composition, not size or weight.

Being 150lb with 1/3 of your weight from body fat is very different from being 150lb with 1/5 of your weight from body fat.

As you are taller it is less likey your body fat will be too high at that particular weight, but sometimes people can have a lack of muscle mass and low bone density leading to a higher percentage of body fat.Health Question & Answer

150 lb doesn't sound excessive for somebody your height. Of course it also depends on the size of your frame. If you are small boned for your height, even might be a little too bulky, but you should be the judge of that.Health Question & Answer

That sounds like a great weight for someone who is 5'7". Don't obsess with your weight. Too many people want to be model thin and that's not healthy. Even the models nowadays are adding a bit of weight. Be happy the way you are!Health Question & Answer

It really depends on how much of that weight is muscle. The number seems a BIT much, so you might want to make little lifestyle changes to become healthier if you aren't.Health Question & Answer

Nope, that's a healthy weight for your heightHealth Question & Answer

No, unless you're naturally small or unfit. I'm 5'6, 140 and I wear a size 6Health Question & Answer

been thereHealth Question & Answer

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