Can someone reccommend the perfect diet for a 15 year old ?!

Question: Can someone reccommend the perfect diet for a 15 year old .?
I dont you to reccommend a low fat one or anything just the perfect diet of what i should be eating on the average day .

I eat really unhealthy foods and I just want to feel healthy. Tell me what you eat daily if you are a healthy person . I eat a lot of carbohydrates (way too much ) so I would like a diet with less carbs in it

Thanks !Health Question & Answer

Stop eating those unhealthy things like fast food, candy, snacks. Try sticking to only 3 meals a day and if you get hungry in between then eat fruits or something as healthy. also the juice you drink can contain lotssssssssss of sugar although it conntains fruits. So try reading the label at the back of drinks, foods etc. just to be safe. Other than that, a 15 year old wouldn't need a diet, just a healthy meal plan that they could follow.Health Question & Answer

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If you eat alot of carbs you have to burn off alot of calories

I'm also 15 and I'm trying to lose weight
Without realising i ended up changing my whole diet.
Because I more busy now i rarely have time to eat
I walk to the second train station to get my train to school and i get off the train a stop early when I'm coming home

I've started walking alot.

I also skip breakfast which is bad but i operate better on an empty stomach personally. I usually feel tired and i realised that i did because I was low in vitamins and minerals so i started eating and drinking grapefruit juice for vitamins and water for minerals.

I also have like a chocolae at between 2-4 for my sugar levels or sweets throughout the day from my friends.

When I get home or when my mum gets home i eat dinner at about 6.30 which gives everyone in my house enough time for food to digest before we sleep about 11pm.

I have also learnt recently that the amount of hours you sleep and the amount you eat is directy proportional and so i'm trying to sleep at least 6-7 hours aday because of how little i eat. And because i'm doing GCSEs lool

I hope I've helped and I hope you stay healthy XxHealth Question & Answer

At 15, you just need to cut a few things out. Only eat whole grain carbs (whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice).
No more soda. Switch to seltzer with lime or water.
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Cut out the chips and simple sugars (candy, ice cream).Health Question & Answer

think fruits and veggies!
they are very important especially for teens and don't forget calcium for your growing bones!
Yogurt, milk, and low fat cheese is also recommended!Health Question & Answer

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