Starvation mode...I don't wanna gain weight?!

Question: Starvation mode...I don't wanna gain weight.?
Is it true that you gain weight when getting out of starvaiton mode.? OR when you are actually IN it.?

How much weight will I gain getting out of starvation mode.?
Okay I have been eating 600-1000 calories a day for about three months. I wanna get out b/c nothing is working and i just recently learned about starvation mode. Nothing is letting me lose weight. I have been burning more calories that I have been taking in, so I should have lost weight, but that hasn't been happening. I've been gaining instead. I have been doing DDR and burning 400 calories on it.

So now I've gained about 3 pounds from upping my calories to 1200-1400 a day. What can I do to lose weight.?

How much weight will I gain as a result of getting out of starvation mode.? How long will it take for my body to reajust.?

also, I am going to be doing beginner strength training every other day now. I went from 138.6 (while still eating low calories) to 141.2.

Then, when I upped my calorie intake I went from that weight 141.2 to 143.6. I am SO afraid of gaining all of this weight back. I just don't wanna...I don't know. Can someone please give me some advice.? How long before I start losing again.?

I may also take some acai from walmart. It's supposed to aid in digestion, too. Maybe I should tell everyone this also, that I had my gallbladder out four years ago.
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also, should I lay off on the exercise for a while.? I can't help it. I absolutely LOVE DDR! Should I reduce it a little bit.?
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by the way, my goal weight is 125-130 pounds. I am 5'3.5"Health Question & Answer

First of all,ditch the starvation diet or any fad diet crap.

Calculate your bmi

Reduce 300-400 calories from it and workout atleast 45 minutes a day.Cardio is the only way you can shed fat.Health Question & Answer

DO NOT DO THAT i read a book about that you can get terribley sick ask your doctor what you can do just read this book and see what can hapen
Shrink to Fit by :Dona Sarkar
IT IS NOT FUN !!!Health Question & Answer

been thereHealth Question & Answer

If you gained weight you were not burning more than you were putting in.
You can't get something from nothing.. against the laws of physics..

Counting calories is not accurate. If you really want to lose just increase excercise and decrease food until you see results.
You don't really need to worry about "starvation mode" unless you are actually starving. If starvation mode really made you gain weight no one would ever starve...

Dancing is exercise but you will probably need to do alot more than that to start losing. Ex running/sports

The problem with counting calories is it might look like you are burning as many calories as you need to on paper but that does not mean you are getting teh results you want.

Just use the mirror to see how you are doing.

If you gained after starting lifting that probably muscle and thats good. Will help you lose fat as you continue.

No quick way to change your body. Will take many months.Health Question & Answer

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