If I dont eat anything for a week how much pounds will I lose ?!

Question: If I dont eat anything for a week how much pounds will I lose .?
I want the answer. And I dont want people saying dont do it or you should eat. This is a straight question im asking and that is all.Health Question & Answer

if you drink a lot of water (like 80-100 ounces per day) you will clean out your system, so you will probably lose 2-3 pounds the first day because your metabolism hasnt slowed down that much yet, and then about a pound a day after that. but it all really depends on your specific body. so for the week, at least 5 lbs, if you work out more than normal, probably closer to 10 lbsHealth Question & Answer

my own experience with water fastsHealth Question & Answer

because your body isnt taking in food, it will go into survival mode turning ure already stored food/sugars into food for your body first actually causing you to gain weight. not eating isnt a quick fix. if it was, a lot more people would lose weight a lot faster. it takes effort.Health Question & Answer

i have tried that before ( i know it wasnt good )
i didnt eat for 1week just drank water...

if you do the same thing u will loose 7kg in a week!!!

you will loose 1kg per day..

HOPE THIS HELPED!!!Health Question & Answer

previous experienceHealth Question & Answer

Porbably about 5 or so pounds. But you will gain it back and more directly after, just letting you know.Health Question & Answer

Probably 6 or 7.Health Question & Answer

I've done itHealth Question & Answer

um you will be unhealthy please eat!!Health Question & Answer

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