Starvation mode Please I NEED TRUE ANSWERS!?!

Question: Starvation mode Please I NEED TRUE ANSWERS!.?
Is it true that you gain weight when getting out of starvaiton mode.? OR when you are actually IN it.?

How much weight will I gain getting out of starvation mode.?
Okay I have been eating 600-1000 calories a day for about three months. I wanna get out b/c nothing is working and i just recently learned about starvation mode. Nothing is letting me lose weight. I have been burning more calories that I have been taking in, so I should have lost weight, but that hasn't been happening. I've been gaining instead. I have been doing DDR and burning 400 calories on it.

So now I've gained about 3 pounds from upping my calories to 1200-1400 a day. What can I do to lose weight.?

How much weight will I gain as a result of getting out of starvation mode.? How long will it take for my body to reajust.?

also, I am going to be doing beginner strength training every other day now. I went from 138.6 (while still eating low calories) to 141.2.

Then, when I upped my calorie intake I went from that weight 141.2 to 143.6. I am SO afraid of gaining all of this weight back. I just don't wanna...I don't know. Can someone please give me some advice.? How long before I start losing again.?

I may also take some acai from walmart. It's supposed to aid in digestion, too. Maybe I should tell everyone this also, that I had my gallbladder out four years ago.
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also, should I lay off on the exercise for a while.? I can't help it. I absolutely LOVE DDR! Should I reduce it a little bit.?
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by the way, my goal weight is 125-130 pounds. I am 5'3.5"Health Question & Answer

alright so i dont know a huge amount about this but im sure you can research it. its horrible for your body to go into starvation mode your hurting yourself more than helping the body needs at least 1400 calories to function properly. your gaining weight becuase your body is storing away the fat from the foods so it can be used later. also if your cutting carbs dont! carbs are what you use when you work out to build muscle and burn fat, if you completely cut out carbs you start to eat away at your protien aka muscle! its really easy to find info on this website or otheres that you find.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

I had way too many pounds in all the embarrassing places until I checked out acai berry, I know they say that pills will not work, but they sure worked for me, and they've been showcased on CBS News too. There's a free trial going on at the moment at , why not try it, how worse could it make things.?Health Question & Answer

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