I can't stop eating this one food?! HELP!?!

Question: I can't stop eating this one food.?! HELP!.?
The Quaker Chewy Dipps Granola Bar.
I ate 5 yesterday (i know, i have no willpower at all), and it's HORRIBLE. They're just making me gain weight that I've worked so hard to lose, but since it's a granola bar, I've convinced myself it won't hurt me. They're seriously addictive. I'm trying to lose weight.

Aren't they addictive.?!
Any advice on not eating them.?Health Question & Answer

stop buying them. Buy a big bag of apples and carrots instead, and every time you feel hungry, eat them. Adduction to a certain food is normal, and it never lasts. Even if you go on with them, there would be time when you get tired of them. Many people feel this way, just to stop eating a certain food some months later. Often for good. But since they endanger your diet - dump them out of your fridge!Health Question & Answer

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well i think there good but not addictive. all you have to do is throw them all out or give them to someone. never buy them again. seriously. if u see them at the store and are tempted to buy them just picture urself fat again and tell urself u dont want to look like that again. once u get ur will power back u could maybe buy one box but only alow a box a month. make sure to eat healthy and exercise!Health Question & Answer

Well, don't buy them. If you don't have them, you won't eat them. Simple enough.Health Question & Answer

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