9MIN mile!!!!!!!! on treadmill?????!

Question: 9MIN mile!!!!!!!! on treadmill.?.?.?.?.?
im gonna run a mile on a treadmill today and i was woundering wat pace i should run to get a 9 minute mile.?Health Question & Answer

I would set it at about 5.5-5.8
Remember to warm up about 2-3 mintues walking at 3.5mph too, and cool down doing the same thing.
A mile is great :) but two or three is even better!!Health Question & Answer

Let's see... I do about 50 minutes on the treadmill every day at 3.8 mph for about 3 miles.... so since my math is no good, I have absolutely no idea what you would need to do to hit a 9 minute mile!Health Question & Answer


so about 6.5 or 6.6mphHealth Question & Answer

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