Can you eat too many carrots and bananas....?!

Question: Can you eat too many carrots and bananas.....?
I am 5'10, 165 lbs and generally eat very healthy..... my guilty vice may be like a Subway Sandwich.... but people laugh at me because I eat so many carrots and bananas every day.... like about 3-4 bananas each day, and one whole bag of those raw baby cut carrots..... now I am wondering, is that bad for me.?

Can you eat too many carrots and bananas each day.?.?Health Question & Answer

It's bad to eat more than 2 bananas everyday.

Actually, it's bad to eat over 100g of anything a day. Your body only needs what it needs, excesses-no matter how healthy they are considered- are bad for you.Health Question & Answer

Wait, you think 3-4 bananas a day is a lot.?! My mom has to go out and buy bananas almost every other day, I eat so much. Once I counted and I ate 8 that day! It is healthy, but each banana has roughly 100 calories, so that was 800 calories already! That's the only bad thing. also, since you're eating so much, you might not be eating other food, so you're not getting other nutrients. But be happy those are bananas and carrots, not chocolate donuts and cheetos.Health Question & Answer

You can eat too much of one thing. If you have one bag of baby carrots and 3 or 4 bananas, that doesn't sound like way too much. Side note: bananas can stop you up a bit.

I am sure there are a lot of people reading your question thinking that they would love to be in your shoes. Me included.Health Question & Answer

You are probably eating too much of both carrots and bananas. If you are eating a whole BIG bag of baby carrots a day, then be careful because the palms of your hands might turn orange! No joke... it actually happens. :XHealth Question & Answer

bananas are good because they have potassium in but you shouldnt eat more than, i think it is 100g of anything per days so i would stick with 2-3
carrots are good though just dont over do it

Hope this helps :)Health Question & Answer

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