Has anyone tried the Acai Berry with Total Cleanse before? I heard it has been popular. Is it effective?!

Question: Has anyone tried the Acai Berry with Total Cleanse before.? I heard it has been popular. Is it effective.?
Is it a croc or not.? also if you've tried it and it's worked well, what should I do to assist it.? I already excercise every day. Thanks a lot for your help!! :)Health Question & Answer

It is good for cleansing the toxins from your body, I agree with the army person above me, fad diets aren't long term. I am currently using it, but not for weight loss. It just makes it easier for you to lose weight by dieting and excersising. The average female adult has up to and exceeding 30 lbs of fecal matter inside your intestines that never comes out, it just builds up. That is one of the reasons why you have irregularity. But if you must know, after 7 days of using the acai berry cleansing method I lost 5 lbs. But it was probably all of the bloating and left over fecal matter that needed to be removed. It does make you feel more energized and healthy. I am only taking the acai berry, not the colon cleansing one. You don't need the colon cleansing one. If you are interested, the one I am using is called Acai Berry Edge, it was featured on Oprah, and The Rachel Ray show. I don't think its a croc, but every person's weight loss will vary depending on how well your diet has been your whole life. I know people who have lost 20 lbs using this. But so far for me it's only been 5 lbs. also, this isn't something you should take if you are a traveler. Unless you have a port a potty everywhere you go. Just dont go and buy the cheap acai berry crap at walmart, or GNC it doesnt work, i've tried it.Health Question & Answer

Fad diets don't produce any long term benefits. This is because they don't provide a lifestyle change.

You are already doing what you need to lose weight on the exercise front, now all you need to do is eat right. Eat more protein, fewer bad carbs and fats, and keep your calorie count below 2000 per day and you should do okay.Health Question & Answer

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