I'm 13 years old, my tummy looks a little over weight what should I do?(Please read description!)?!

Question: I'm 13 years old, my tummy looks a little over weight what should I do.?(Please read description!).?
I'm 13 years old, I used to be super slim. But now my tummy has started becoming quite round. What should I do to get my nice slim tummy back.?Health Question & Answer

excerize :) and eat healthy is really all you have to do...burn more calories then you take inHealth Question & Answer

Targetted weight reduction is quite hard, some would say impossible, however the one diet which definitely worked for me is green tea, it can be seen in the resource box below, they have a few free trials left, it was featured in Reader's Digest and USA Today. I melted away thrity pounds, it definitely does work!Health Question & Answer

http://gothe.biz.tmHealth Question & Answer

hmmm i would try to exercise! maybe do a little bit of running. I am close you your age and that's what I do if I have eaten too much and I'm like whoa what happened to my stomach! bahahaha so maybe try that. and if you don't feel like running outside you can always run in your room, or run in place in your room with a little bit of music playing! hope this helps :)Health Question & Answer

me from my experience baahhahahHealth Question & Answer

do sit ups every dayHealth Question & Answer

you just need to tone it, so work on your abs, do sit upsHealth Question & Answer

Let me give you some food and mini work out tips you can start.


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