I have been going to the gym for a month now and have cut my calorie intake daily but have not lost weight?!

Question: I have been going to the gym for a month now and have cut my calorie intake daily but have not lost weight.?
I started university in September and gained lots of weight from drinking and eating 'junk' I realised that I had to lose weight but keep my muscles the same size as I have always been in to weight training. When I was 16 I lost around a stone in about 6 weeks so I thought I would try this again. Every day I have burnt around 250 calories using cardio machines and I have only eaten around 1300 calories a day, which is around 1000 less than a man should eat. At this rate I worked out I would be 1300 under the calories needed to maintain my weight and I should be losing around a pound of fat every 3-4 days. In this month I have also been weight training and alternating between muscles each day. I weighed myself yesterday and weigh exactly the same as I did a month ago. Has anyone else experianced this.? and why has this happened.? I know that muscle weighs more than fat and I can see my muscle is slightly bigger and my stomach has lost a tiny bit of fat. but for a months intensive training it seems like I am getting nowhere!
Please help....LukeHealth Question & Answer

Luke, this is exactly like me - but I'm guessing you've been doing more weight training than me! I am also at Weight Watchers, where I seem to be losing nothing (and sometimes even gaining!) Yet people are telling me I look alot smaller...so I'm guessing it must be we are gaining muscle! Keep at the weight training though, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. And obviously keep at the cardio. And try to eat every 2 hours, even if it's just something small to boost your metabolism. I'm also finding not eating carbs on a night time is working, as if you eat lots of them on a night time you don't have time to burn them off, and any carbs that are not burnt off are turned into, and stored by your body as, fat. :)Health Question & Answer

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maybe your not eating enothHealth Question & Answer

to be honest the weight doesn't matter
a lot of guys can be slim but weigh quite a bit because of the muscleHealth Question & Answer

Hi .
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