I really want thinner legs... what should I do?!

Question: I really want thinner legs... what should I do.?
I'm 16, I am a tall girl (5'9), and I am comfortable with my body EXCEPT for my legs. My thighs and calves are big. I really want them to be thinner. I don't wear dresses, skirts, or shorts in the summer. I want to, but I am too conscious.

What's a good exercise plan.? I feel like if I lost about 5-7 lbs I'd be happy. I thought running on the treadmill would help, but I'm afraid it will give me bulky muscles. Help.?Health Question & Answer

If you do cardio, you won't make your legs bulky. Small exercises to tone them up won't make them bulky either.
run intervals... as in jog for 3 or two minutes, then sprint for one. then repeat.
for non-cardio, do traveling lunges and some leg lifts. try this on thing called the backwards kick: get on your forearms and kness, lift on leg to a 90 degree angle, hold for three seconds then kick up and down slowlyHealth Question & Answer

Work them out. Don't be scared of bulky legs just yet, 1st you need to get rid of the access fat (tha part you want to loose) When you work them out, yes your musles grow but the fat will dissapear and everything will even out.

A good exercise is getting a chair (or toilet even) and put one foot on your chair (or toilet) and the foot that remains on the ground, go on your tippi toes with that one, bend leg (the foot on the ground) and then go back up. It really works your legs.

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Work out with light weights by doing squats and calf training.
You won't get bulky muscles, so don't be afraid.
Running will help you if you sprint 1 minute and walk for 30 seconds and repeat a few times.

Do a lot of reps when working out.

It's almost impossible for girls to get as big as men do because you lack the amount of testosterone we create in our bodies. It's not impossible, but YOU won't turn into Ms.Olympia! ;)Health Question & Answer

MMA/BJJHealth Question & Answer

oh WOW! you remind me of me last year...i was too self conscious to wear shorts or dresses to school...at least you have your height going for you, i'm a measly 5'3. :( boo hoo. well, as for a good exercise plan, something that works really well for me is to go on a little diet, avoid fatty foods, and get a good balance of protein from eggs and fish and the proper things from fruits and vegetables. Soup would probably be really good (tomato soup with noodles and maybe a bit of bread.?) it's filling and easy to burn the calories from, and a hell lot simpler for digestion. :) For the exercise part, i run a mile everyday to speed up my heart and metabolism right before dinner to burn fat FASTER! then before i go to bed, i do 20 reps of leg stretches from Pilate's exercises... your legs should slim down.Health Question & Answer

for your inner thigh you want to stand legs shoulder length apart toes pointed out and then squat hold it there for 10 seconds then stop.
for your calves you want to stand legs together then stand up on you tippy toes then down and repeat 10 times.
the for your back thight and the front of your thigh you want to do lunges 10 times.
once 10 gets too easy go to 20 then 30 and so on.
hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

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i had the same problem as u as being a fat kid i always have really chubby thighs..well and let me tell u that if u run and go on the treadmill it would not make u bukly...eat about 1000-1200 calories a day and run as u never ran before..it would shrink ur thighs......u'll lose 5-7 pounds in 2or 3 weeks.....trust meHealth Question & Answer

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