I drank some nasty coffee and feel really wierd. or am i just hungry?!

Question: I drank some nasty coffee and feel really wierd. or am i just hungry.?
i made soem coffee (instant) and it was gross! i feel really sick to my stomach, but i think i might just be hungry. i dont want to eat because if i am sick i could get worse plus all food at the moment makes me feel sick because of the coffee. what should i do.?Health Question & Answer

It could be too much acid in your stomach. I have acid reflux and coffee really affects it, despite my meds. It makes you feel sick and hungry at the same time because the acid is irritating your stomach lining. Take something like Tums or Rolaids or Pepcid or Pepto (I am on protonix but that is prescription). Milk may settle your stomach also. I like to drink peppermint or chamomile tea. Make sure to drink clear fluids (i.e. water), you could be dehydrated. Try and get something in your stomach so the acid has something to work on and doesn't just work on your stomach lining. Maybe something bland like crackers or bread/ toast.? I know you said it makes you feel sick but try it anyway...sometimes you gotta force it even if the thought is bad.Health Question & Answer

Wait for the effects of the caffeine to subside, before you eat. Drink plenty of water.Health Question & Answer

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