Has anyone ever lost half their body weight?!

Question: Has anyone ever lost half their body weight.?
how long did it take.?
what diet plan did you follow.?
what exercise did you do.?
did you take any supplements.?
how much did you weight before and after.?

thanks a lot for any answers.Health Question & Answer

No I haven't but I just found this

http://caloriecount.about.com/need-loose...Health Question & Answer

Exercise is just as important as food consumption when it comes to losing weight, but the only diet that really worked for me was green tea, it can be seen in the resource box underneath, they have a handful of free trials remaining, it has been highlighted in Reader's Digest and CNN. I lost 25 pounds, it really does work!Health Question & Answer

http://helbar.mongofaen.comHealth Question & Answer

You can try that Jared guy from the Subway Commercials.Health Question & Answer

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