How much can i reduce?!

Question: How much can i reduce.?
How much (in Kilos) can i reduce my body weight in one month safely.?Health Question & Answer

A safe and healthy rate of weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. So you can lose approx 2 - 4 kilo a month safely/Health Question & Answer

The key for losing weight is not difficult - eat less and move more often - the problems appear when we in reality try to put that into practice! There are a lot of temptations out there don't you think.?! The only method that clearly worked for me was green tea, it can be checked out in the resource box underneath, they have a limited number of free trials in stock, it has been reported in Fox News and CNN. I worked off twenty five pounds, it clearly does produce results!Health Question & Answer

http://arees.go4fame.comHealth Question & Answer

Here is a website where you will find many WEIGHT LOSS tips which i think may help you.

so' have a look:- Question & Answer

it depentds on ur weight ..if ur in an extreme diet at a short period of time..maybe around 3kg per month..but if ur on a so so diet..just to lose up a few kg...maybe 1 1/2 kg per month would suit u wellHealth Question & Answer

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