I need good workout songs?!

Question: I need good workout songs.?
i do kungfu and i need good workout songs.? anyone got any.? i like rock music mostly and some rapHealth Question & Answer

Step Up-Drowning Pool
Somewhere I Belong-Linkin Park
Hand Of Blood-Bullet For My Valentine
This War Is Ours-Escape The Fate
I Wouldn't Quit If Everyone Quit-Blessthefall
Confined-As I Lay Dying
Dragging Dead In Bodys In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills-Escape The Fate
Guns For Showm Knives For Pro-Parkway Drive
I'm illy-T.I.
Master Of Puppets-Metallica
Push It-Rick Ross
The Way Of The Fist-5 Finger Death Punch
The Guillotine-Escape The Fate
To Hell And Back-BlessthefallHealth Question & Answer

My iPod playlistHealth Question & Answer

Bloodhound Gang - The Bad TouchHealth Question & Answer

Go to I-tunes and get some podcasts for free they have every thing.Health Question & Answer

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