Is it possible to lose 60 pounds by September?!

Question: Is it possible to lose 60 pounds by September.?
it is possible,,but do it with care and not the wrong way,if you don't get all your nutrients honey you can go into cardiac arrest,i did that once,i wasn't eating and my heart went out of whack,i was in lack of potassium and made me very sick,they had to restart my heart.i wasn't on no diet,,i just didn't have an appetite,,i lost my electrolytes or something like that,but that is almost the same as dieting, so please be careful honey,,Health Question & Answer

Losing 60 pounds by september isn't impossible but it will take a plan and determination. Thats 15 pounds per month which is do able. However, you have to consider how much you are weighing right now and you will want to be realistic about your goals.
Some want to lose weight for the wrong reasons. Not saying that you do. But, as you are dieting, answer these questions: Are others complimenting me about my physique already.? And, Are my clothes fitting properly.?
These two questions can relieve a lot of unwanted tension if answered in the affirmativeHealth Question & Answer

definitely just cut down to 1000 calories a day and workout for 30 mins a day intense cardio and boom there you go all you have to do is motivate yourself to carry thru with it heres my method that worked for me when u get the urge to eat quickly listen to a song that motivates u and makes u feel guilty about being fat and drink a lot of water till your full while listening to it and boom there you go you can loose 20 pounds within a month and ull look even more skinny then 20 pounds less and think about it this way scientists have said when a spider is starved it actually becomes more active and iv found that to be true for humans too somewhat so just think positive and do it and start TODAYHealth Question & Answer

It might be. It depends on what you weigh now. But it is possible with watching what you eat, exercising regularly, and just being in good health! Stay awake from breads and pastas though, those are the killers. Make sure not to eat too late at night. And don't eat unless you're hungry. Cut out the sodas, yes even diet and stick with water and drinks with no calories. also remember to eat 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism up! You will definitely lose. Best of wishes!Health Question & Answer

Personal experience.Health Question & Answer

Look up "Negative Calorie Foods" (those are foods that make your body burn more calories than are actually in the food), you can eat as much of those as you want and not gain any weight. Eat those foods and only drink water and you will lose a lot of weight. also running is the best exercise to drop lbs and tone up. I lost 15 lbs in two weeks b4 my wedding by doing this, good luck. You can email me if you have any questions.Health Question & Answer

The formula for losing those unwanted pounds is not difficult - consume less food and workout more often - the issues appear when we actually try to put that into practice! There are loads of stumbling blocks in the real world aren't there.?! The one diet which clearly worked for me is green tea, it can be viewed in the resource box below, they have a handful of free trials left, it was featured in Fox News and CNN. I melted away 30 pounds, it clearly does produce results!Health Question & Answer

http://croddetrunt.go4beauty.comHealth Question & Answer

Well technically you can, but health-wise it's not recommended to loss your weight that fast due to many health risks involved.
A perfect diet would consist of limiting your daily calorie intake to 1900cal/day, cut on salty food, drink not less than 1.5L of purified water a day, and exercise everyday for 1hr or more.Health Question & Answer

I had a load of extra pounds in all the wrong zones until I used acai berry, I know they say that pills do not work, but they definitely worked for me, and they have been showcased on CBS News too. There's a free trial happening at the moment at , give it a try, what's the worst that could happen.?Health Question & Answer

Though 60 is usually too much if you are not obese it is possible. I'm more sure that you will lose around 30-40ish, if you do a moderate exercise and diet program.Health Question & Answer

look at the contestants in Biggest Loser

they lose like 5-11 pound a week

its possible

you just need to push yourselfHealth Question & Answer

yeah everything is possible .........duhHealth Question & Answer

lifeHealth Question & Answer

no!Health Question & Answer

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