Is plain chicken broth a good guilt free low calorie snack?!

Question: Is plain chicken broth a good guilt free low calorie snack.?
Im hungry or craving a snack (not sure which) but have already eaten too much today! is chicken broth a good snack choice.? its only like 10 cals a cup so can i pretty much have as much as i can eat and not worry.? since its mostly water.?Health Question & Answer

yes, also sugar free jelloHealth Question & Answer

Pay attention to that sodium intake. What you'll find with most broths is that they are ghigh ion sodium, which causes increased water retention. In other words, although your broth has very few calories, it can cause an increase in water weight.

The sodium intake should be listed on the package. Daily recommanded amount currently is about 2400 mg, and there's talk of reducing that to a lower amount. Most single servings of broth contain like 40% of the daily recommended amount of sodium (and most people fail to actually eat anywhere close to the recommended serving, eating much more for each meal than they are supposed to). For instance, the broth packet for most Ramen products provides like 80% of the daily RDA of sodium, no even including the noodles (since each package is actually supposed to be 2 full servings). So, that kind of kills the idea of being able to take in as much as you want.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

If you've already eaten too much, drink water and eat celery. It has fiber to help you get rid of what you've already eaten, and the water fills the empty space without any calories. Try bending and touching your toes a few times, to move the food faster, especially when you have a craving, as a distraction. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Should be fine, as long as your not on a low-sodium diet. When I was working the night shift I used to fix a quick cup of chicken broth and it was satisfying and I felt like I had eaten something.Health Question & Answer

go for it if you want put some ham (low fat) in it to.Health Question & Answer

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