Elliptical Trainer(Mini) question?!

Question: Elliptical Trainer(Mini) question.?
So My sister and I just got a mini Elliptical Trainer without the bars i weigh 145 lbs and am trying to lose 10 lbs I'm 5"4 so im a little on the Chubby side :P umm so i got a mini Elliptical Trainer it doesn't have the bars to it it's just the leg pedals and that's it i was woundering what the Elliptical Trainer(mini) will help on what part of my body lose weight if that makes sence lol i'd like to know if i'm going to be seeing any results.?.? and were are they going to be noticable like for example :My butt or legs or etc(Without the bars on the Elliptical Trainer). or will i see results all over my body.? like lose weight depending how my body is and things like that :) i work out for 30 minutes a day :) & i plan on doing it 6 or 7 Times a week so THANKYOU! for those who answer my question :)Health Question & Answer

Since the Mini Elliptical doesn't have handle bars, it will probably work a lot of core muscles as you do cardio (since you'll have to find balance). But as for where you lose the weight, it's usually where you have the highest concentration of fat that goes first.Health Question & Answer

I checked out everything to lose weight, and nothing worked until I checked out acai berry. I understand they say that pills won't work, nevertheless they definitely worked for me, and they have been featured on CNN too.There's a free trial going on at the moment at http://tatisynt.janes.pt , try it out, how worse could it make things.?Health Question & Answer

I have one and I've only seen results in my butt and thighs. It did nothing for the rest of my bod. Look up "Negative Calorie Foods" (those are foods that make your body burn more calories than are actually in the food), you can eat as much of those as you want and not gain any weight. Eat those foods and only drink water and you will lose a lot of weight. also running is the best exercise to drop lbs. I lost 15 lbs in two weeks b4 my wedding by doing this, good luck. You can email me if you have any questions.Health Question & Answer

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