An Awesome Body in 1 month?!

Question: An Awesome Body in 1 month.?
Heyy guys, i was wondering if any of you ppl, know some good tips on getting an awesome body in a month.... :D

l'm 89 pounds and 4 foot 8 ish... l'm 13 ...
and don't say l'm like to young to work out...
i have like fat pockets in my stomach and its so
nasty i can't stand them! i need help, so can anyone
give me so tips for eatting WAYY better and some work
out steps to get an awesome body please.? ty !Health Question & Answer

Your BMI(boss mas index) is only 20 so your weight is fine! for your stomach try doing 50-100 crunches a day, it'll help your stomach alot! If you want to help your lower body try doing some planks(push up motion) for like 1 minute, and some squats! for your overall body(legs) try running!

For eating:

Eat healthy, get rid of fast food + junk food and pop! have something as a treat like once a week or month! try eating fruits+veggies+pasta's and salads with light dressing on the side! eat abt 5 SMALL meals a day! and drink lots and lots of water!

Good luck :)Health Question & Answer

Okay well all I can say for exercising is that you run, bike, jump rope basically cardio for about 30 minutes a day. You can also join a sport to also make exercise more fun. For your diet just eat a hearty breakfast with a lot of protein, and eat smaller healthier meals for lunch and dinner. Cut down on the sugar, and try not to eat anything after 6 p.m. You can eat as much breakfast as you want because you work it off as you walk during the day. Dinner should be your lightest meal because most people just go to sleep after dinner and never work off that meal. Just for the record according to your BMI you are perfectly normal weight, and your body will probably change for the better while you grow taller and older.Health Question & Answer

Targetted weight loss is quite tough, many people would say impossible, but the only diet which clearly showed results for me was green tea, it can be viewed in the resource box underneath, they have a small number of free trials left, it was featured in Reader's Digest and USA Today. I shed 20 pounds, it clearly does produce success!Health Question & Answer

http://vebbras.m3th.orgHealth Question & Answer

You're 13. 4 ft 8. And you weigh 89 pounds.

I don't think you need to work out, or diet, or anything.

If you want to eat "better" try staying away from fast foods. Eat healthy - salads, chicken (not fried), fruit, yogurt. Protein and vegetables. (again, not fried)

But you're 13! You shouldn't be worrying about this at least for another 4-5 years.Health Question & Answer

filthy pig... 89lbs and less than 5 feet tall... *pukes*

o_O heheheHealth Question & Answer

****** hell lol you're only 13Health Question & Answer

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