How can I lose 3 pounds in 1 day through exercise?!

Question: How can I lose 3 pounds in 1 day through exercise.?
Hey, I want to lose at least 3 pounds in one day through excercising. What exercises could help.?Health Question & Answer

That's technically impossible since you have to burn like 10,000kcal to lose 3lbs of fat... but if I wanna look as thin as possible in 1 day, I would...

* do a lot of cardio exercise and try to sweat as much as possible
* drink water
* eat or drink things with a lot of potassium (potassium gets rid of water retention in the body. ex. banana, OJ etc)
* avoid salty food to avoid water retention (less salt, not no salt!)
* eat less in quantity to keep waist line slim
* don't eat after 6pm
* have 8hr sleep. When you sleep less, your body gets puffy.Health Question & Answer

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