If I'm very thin and I don't have any parasite in my body, then what is wrong with me? Why can't I get fatter?!

Question: If I'm very thin and I don't have any parasite in my body, then what is wrong with me.? Why can't I get fatter.?
I eat less vegetable and like to eat fried food.Health Question & Answer

i have the exact same problem. i can't gain weight to save my life. i usually eat a high protein/high carb diet. i'm at least twice your age and still skinny. its called hypermetabolism. you're always hungry. fairly energetic, and don't sleep a lot. the only thing that you can do is eat correctly and with moderate to heavy exercise you should be able to gain a couple pounds here and there. the cool part is that when you tone as far as you can go, like i have. you can lift your body weight and more, carry it well and far. so its ok you aren't gonna die of skinniness. tone out and you'll see what i mean.Health Question & Answer

It seems like you may have high metabolism, which means your heart beats faster than normal, burning calories faster than normal without having to exercise (such as most of us do). Therefore, even when you eat, your body burns up calories more quickly, even when just watching TV. Wish I had your problem....

If you talk with your doctor, he can recommend what to do to either slow down your metabolic rate or slow down your calorie digestion so your body will not burn all the calories up so quickly. Occasionally, doctors use medication for this.Health Question & Answer

How old are you.? Age has something to do with your metabolism rate. Your metabolism rate governs how much of what you eat is converted to stored fats... Try to eat more but engage in lesser calorie-burning activities... Consult your dietician and doctor.Health Question & Answer

You may be like me, i'm 10 Lbs underweight but i have a high basal metabolic rate. That is usually the cause but if you are sure it's not a high metabolism then try a doctor.Health Question & Answer

your body is super efficient, you have a high metabolic rate and you may not break down and absorb fats from your foods as readily as most people. be happy cause you'll probably live longer.Health Question & Answer

you probably just have a really fast metabolism
it's nothing abnormal. just something bigger people envy.Health Question & Answer

you just have an extremely fast metabolismHealth Question & Answer

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