Guys help pls!!!any suggestions?!

Question: Guys help pls!!!any suggestions.?
im 12 and my height is only 5 FT TALL!!! wad shud i do/eat so my height cn increase.?.?.?.?help guys plsplspls thx a lot!!!Health Question & Answer

i think u need to eat more food (but not too much) and exercise more i think hahahahaHealth Question & Answer

i would suggest (because i'm 5ft 8) would be
eat healthily- you need your vitamins minerals- so drink milk, eat protein (fish, meat, nuts are good), eat your veggies, and fruits
sleep well, have early nights, sleeping helps you growHealth Question & Answer

just give it time i suppose, but whats wrong with being short im pretty sure tall people dont live as long >.<Health Question & Answer

Let it be natural...don't eat any drugs or whatsoever supplements...Health Question & Answer

Eat protien... that's pretty much all you can do.Health Question & Answer

its just okay......
do a little more of sleeping and drink milkHealth Question & Answer

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