What is the best muscle stimulator?!

Question: What is the best muscle stimulator.?
I was wondering what is the best muscle stimulating product or protein shake etc. to build up muscle quickly. Not expensive though and one i can buy in a store on the high street for example.Health Question & Answer

Evox Synergy Whey protein! its the best whey on the market and its cheap and VERY tasty! I would recommend the Strawberry flavour because the rest tastes fake! And for muscle stimulator... Creatine! Creatine is a natural substance found in the body that gives energy and helps with cell volumation! in other words creatine makes your muscles bigger by allowing it to take up more water! Every person thats eats meat gets up to 2g of creatine in daily by just eating!!!! I would recomend Reflex Creapure creatine or USN creatine monohydrate!!! if the creatine thing is still a bit scary Go DO RESEARCH!!!!
Hope this help!
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Personal experience and 14 Years of personal trainingHealth Question & Answer

Creatine, whey protein, eating healthy, and lifting weights is great for fast muscle improvement. If taking creatine though only use it for 8 weeks and then stop for 3 to 4 weeks to flush your system or you will get severely backed up and make sure to drink plenty of water while taking this.Health Question & Answer

Good diet , protein for the muscles Swim good for every muscle . Make your own in the morning , one banana i cup whole milk one capsule collagen, blend drink it. Go swimming or run , Play kick ball. Give yourself about 2 weeks and there you are, your skin too will look healthierHealth Question & Answer

I do it its great.Health Question & Answer

Iron. Specifically, the round iron things on the end of your lifting bar and dumbells.

You almost certainly get plenty of protein to support muscle growth in your regular diet without any sort of supplement. Pay your dues in the room.Health Question & Answer

Whey protein. Stay away from the rest. Just eat healthy and drink a protein shake or two a day. That's the best way to get muscular fast....oh, and work out too!Health Question & Answer

Chew an electric cable. It works for me!Health Question & Answer

I'm SO sorry - when I first glanced at this question my immediate thought was ma$turbation ! lol !Health Question & Answer

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