Would you consider me a picky eater?!

Question: Would you consider me a picky eater.?
I don't eat vegetables, nothing green anyway, I'll eat corn but that's about it. I only just started eating salad and that's only if it's from Quiznos

I don't like spicy foods or pepper

I usually get all my foods plain when I eat out nothing on hamburgers or cheeseburgers, no onions or bean sprouts in chinese food

I like french fries but not mash potatoes

I don't like my food to touch

If I'm eating a fatty meat like pork chops or ham, I have to peel off all the fat before I can eat it

There can't be too much sauce or cheese or pizza or I can't eat it

Don't like a lot of icing on cake will usually lop it off to the side before eating

Can't eat french toast because it's too eggy

And I can't eat very much, am considered wasteful by some family members.Health Question & Answer

I would say you are particular and precise about what you like.Health Question & Answer

yep, pretty picky. don't worry about your food touching, that's stupid, i used to be like that, but nothing happens when food touches, flavor doesn't even get on the other piece of food. thats dumb, just move that piece of food to the side. i hope you don't waste a whole meal if your food is touching.Health Question & Answer

Yeah, i would.. very picky, but it's alright everyones picky about something :)
like me with amount on my plate, or my brother with almost all of what you saidHealth Question & Answer

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Um yeah but a lot of people are. i am too, but maybe not that much lolHealth Question & Answer

you sound like a bit chHealth Question & Answer

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