How long do you think I can get away with eating?!

Question: How long do you think I can get away with eating.?
cheeseburgers all the time, before I start to get fat.?Health Question & Answer

You can eat two cheeseburgers a day and be fine. Just don't eat anything else all day. Drink Diet Coke if you get hungry in between burgers.Health Question & Answer

you can eat as much as you like but if you want to stay thin then you have to do the right amount of exercise to burn off all the callories

100cals-30 mins of exercise

hope i could help :):):)Health Question & Answer

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Honestly, not very long. They are all fat and absolutely no nutrition. You will gain weight pretty quickly.Health Question & Answer

dont starve yourself.

try veggies.

carrots insted of cheseburgersHealth Question & Answer

couple of weeksHealth Question & Answer

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