Whenever i drink vodka i feel shaky.....why?!

Question: Whenever i drink vodka i feel shaky.....why.?
even after a little sip i feel really weird like my legs are gonna collapse when i walk they feel like jelly and my arms feel weird and i feel like my whole body is about to freak out.....why.?Health Question & Answer

Vodka has a very strong alcohol concentration, and alcohol affects the nervous system, which is why you feel shaky.Health Question & Answer

jeez,it obviously doesnt agree with you,you may be allergic to it,stay off it big time.It agrees with me alright,makes me want to jump into that bowl of jelly heheHealth Question & Answer

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Your body probably isn't that tolerant of strong alcohol.Health Question & Answer

coz vodka is really strong.

thats how everyone usually feels when they have it. :)Health Question & Answer

Its all in your head! Or your sugar levels are very low, try eating a big meal before drinking xXxHealth Question & Answer

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