If I take those fasting drinks....?!

Question: If I take those fasting drinks.....?
If I start doing the fasting body flush diet (the lemon juice and pepper flake kind with other stuff inside), but still eat 2 small meals a day, with no meat, while I do the fasting for 2 days, what will happen.? Will I still cleanse my body of a percent of the waste or will it simply not flush my body at all if I "cheat" or will it still work the same.? (Answers from people who have actually done it would be appreciated.)Health Question & Answer

Yes, it will still HELP to cleanse yur system.
Just not as effectively.

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There are other ways to fast. One is a juice fast, you only drink freshly squeezed juice from vegetables or fruits. I'm not sure about the drink you are mentioning. Red pepper is good for you, but black pepper is not. Lemon takes the enamel off your teeth. You need a colon cleanse, it will make you loose around fifteen pounds and is very good for you. It rids you of toxins and extra waste.Health Question & Answer

I have checked out every diet known to man but nothing worked as effectively as acai berry. I understand they say that pills don't work, but they sure worked for me, and they have been shown on CNN too. There's a free trial on right now at http://feriss.sertevisa.com , try it, what is the worst that could happen.?Health Question & Answer

Input answer source here.Health Question & Answer

It doesn't work if you eat. The idea is just to drink the drinks. To be honest I really wouldn't reccommend it. Just eat healthy and exercise.Health Question & Answer

I have done the diet and plenty of other fasting diets similar.Health Question & Answer

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ihave tried that. it made me feel week and boneless . ifelt sick for dont do thatHealth Question & Answer

been there done that never goin back!Health Question & Answer

Good luck with this, i hope you don't dehydrate yourself.Health Question & Answer

what do you meanHealth Question & Answer

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