How do i go about losing weight if?!

Question: How do i go about losing weight if.?
There is no healthy food in my house and i am getting no support from anybody.?oh yeah i am 15.Health Question & Answer

Tell your family and parents that you want to lose a little weight, if they don't support or anything, just try out for a sport to lose weight, its easy and fun. also, get fresh air and stay fit.
If you want to buy healthy foods, once again tell your parents when they go to the store, or even better, go to the store with them and pick out some healthy foods!
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Talk to your parents. Tell them that you're interested in staying healthy, not that you want to loose weight. If they think you're doing it to stay healthy, they'll probably agree, and might even want to join in and help you buy healthier foods.

Just tell them, it'll make things easy.Health Question & Answer

Even regular/ junk food could work if u allow it to. Eat that food in a certain portion just 4-5 times a day. Maximum 6 times. Dont look for support, learn to be dependent on YOURSELF. Be super-active, get out, make friends, do something! You will, see the difference!!Health Question & Answer

Play,walk,run It will help you.
try it its easy.
http://walkingbenefits.blogspot.comHealth Question & Answer

Hey Eat less... drink (water) more ... sleep well!

this easy trick will not only help u loose weight but will help u for life..

Enjoy your life!Health Question & Answer

>lots of water
> if your diet cant be changed then at least exercise like hell.
>do not eat right before going to bed
>again lots of waterHealth Question & Answer

drink warm water after each meal
avoid fats and non veg

eat fruits No juice pl juice has less benifitsHealth Question & Answer

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