Hydroxycut - if not overweight?!

Question: Hydroxycut - if not overweight.?
Hello. this is my first post.

okay. so i am 18 yrs old... 5'2 and I weight about 105. im not overweight at all. I just would like to lose some fat on my body. i work out almost everyday and try to eat healthier.. but recently i have been thinking about taking hydroxycut or somekind of diet pill to loose a few more pounds.

do you think this is a good idea.? what could the side effects be if i take diet pills and im not overweight.?

please get back to me
Dee. <3Health Question & Answer

If you're not overweight, I really suggest that you don't try to take a diet pill to take the weight off. I can't convince you to not lose the weight at all, but it's safer to do so through diet control and exercise; it's more controlled.
The most common side effects of Hydroxycut are (as with most stimulants):
Increased blood pressure
Nose bleeds
Blurred vision
Acne outbreak
Restlessness & hyperactivity
Loss of appetite
Increased heart rate
Nausea and upset stomachHealth Question & Answer

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Though there's not always a need to focus on losing weight, if you do want to lose a few more pounds, try finding natural sources for your slimming products. Having fruit or filling smoothies for snacks and not eating too late in the evening does work.

Some slimming pills can leave people who take them out of energy, not ideal if you're working out everyday. also many brands are known to be addictive, so approach with caution.Health Question & Answer

The word overweight means varying things to varying individuals. It's a good idea to set off at the beginning, and determine if you are really overweight for your size or not, by calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index). To be honest, the one thing which clearly worked for me is green tea, it can be checked out in the resource box underneath, they have a handful of free trials remaining, it has been reported in Reader's Digest and USA Today. I melted away 20 pounds, it clearly does work!Health Question & Answer

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What fat could you have.? You sound like you got the perfect figure! I'm a guy and i've tried these pills to lose a little extra in my beer gut. They are basically an energy pill. I know alot of people who take these just for the energy, however everybody is different and how they handle certain things can vary alot. They might make you shaky and make you want to run a marathon. Its hard to say. Me and my wife take a nice jog in the afternoon and that has been working better than anything else. Maybe you should try that first just to tone your body a little more if thats what your looking for.Health Question & Answer

I was overweight until I tried acai berry, I understand they say that pills don't work, nevertheless they sure worked for me, and they have been shown on CBS News too. There's a free trial on currently at http://borudm.novafree.net , why not try it, what's the worst that could happen.?Health Question & Answer

i dont think you should. you dont really need to lost a lot of weight and diet pills are really bad for your body. Just keep working out. do a lot of cardio and some strength trainingHealth Question & Answer

about it you can find information from the following website
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