Ive just had 3 slices of sponge cake will i put on weight tonight?!

Question: Ive just had 3 slices of sponge cake will i put on weight tonight.?
i just had 3 slices of just home baked sponge cake ,, ***** resist the warm lovely sponge cake and now have a tummy ache :( will i put on weight as it was 3 slices .?Health Question & Answer

As a one off - no - but if you did that all the time - the answer would be yes.Health Question & Answer

Sponge cake and angel food cake are some of the lowest calorie cake desserts you can eat. Eating three may have been a little over board but you will not gain weight from those three slices over night. If you feel badly about it, maybe go for an extra jog or run tomorrow and you will have burned it all of! No harm done!Health Question & Answer

All the scientists and nutritionists say targeted weight loss is impossible, specifically in the waist and belly areas, but I managed it with acai berry. I understand they say that pills won't work, but they sure worked for me, and they've been shown on the Rachael Ray Show too. There is a free trial on at the moment at http://pocapewg.saxtondrive.com , try it out, what is the worst that could happen.?Health Question & Answer

The tummy ache is wind as it was warm cake. If you eat fattening food you will put on weight. Just depends how much food over a period of time. Perhaps you need to put on weight. Who knows.? Or even cares.Health Question & Answer

(Peter's reaction at 1:47)Health Question & Answer

If the pound cake you consumed adds up to more than 3200 calories, yes you will can 1 pound of real pure weight.Health Question & Answer

About slices of sponge can be read in .?q=slices%20of%20sponge" rel="nofollow">http://health-schools.blogspot.com/.?q=sl...Health Question & Answer

lol..having a young metabolism will burn that sponge cake off by tonight....Health Question & Answer

no u won't gain weight tonight or this week unless u kept on eating a lot daily then u'll gain weightHealth Question & Answer

no, but if you eat 3 slices every night you would gain weightHealth Question & Answer

Probably not, but don't you think you are a bit greedy .?Health Question & Answer

Not if you don't do it every day!Health Question & Answer

No you will notHealth Question & Answer

No.......Health Question & Answer

Go walk it off ;)Health Question & Answer

Targetted weight loss is quite difficult, some peeple would say impossible, however the sole diet which really delivered for me was green tea, it can be viewed in the resource box underneath, they have a handful of free trials in stock, it was highlighted in Reader's Digest and USA Today. I melted away 25 pounds, it really does produce results!Health Question & Answer

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