How do I calculate my EER by hand?!

Question: How do I calculate my EER by hand.?
What is the equation and everything.?.?.? ThanksHealth Question & Answer

What is EER.? This is all i could find on wiki.
Energy efficiency ratio, a measure to assess heat pumps and air conditioners which is related to the Seasonal energy efficiency ratio
Energy efficiency rating, a score out of six stars applied to housing in the Australian Capital Territory
East of England Regiment, a British army unit
Equine Exertional Rhabdomyolysis, a muscular problem due to carbohydrate overload in horses
Enhanced Entity-Relationship Model, a high-level conceptual data model extended from the Entity-Relationship Model.
The European Economic Review, a journal published by Elsevier
Escape, Evacuation and Rescue
Equal Error Rate, a score to measure the accuracy of a Biometric system.Health Question & Answer

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